Saturday, May 21, 2011

How to Reset a Windows 7 Password If You Have Forgotten It

The latest version of Windows operating system(OS) is the well-known Windows 7. It was released on July 2009. I guess you enjoyed using it. However, you are so unlucky today as you have forgotten or lost your Windows 7 password? That's why you are reading this article. Am I right?

Now, I will share with you the easiest way to reset your Windows 7 password. The preparation time is about 15 minutes. In order to reset your Windows 7 password, you need to use a password reset disk. This disk can only be used for your computer only. You can create this disk in your Windows control panel. In case you have forgotten your password, you can use it to reset your password.

Usually, people will not create such disk. I guess that's because they are not aware that there is such a function in Windows OS or they believe that they won't forget their password. What if you have not created it before and you stuck at the Windows 7 login screen? It's simple; you need to find a Windows password resetter that is available in the market now. The cost of those password resetter software is usually $30-$50, depends on which website you choose to buy from.

After making payment, the next thing is to download the software from their website, follow by the following 5 steps.

1. Burn the data into an empty CD, insert this CD into your CD-Rom and restart your computer

2. Set your BIOS to run boot with CD-Rom so that Windows will load the CD first.

3. You will see a DOS interface and choose the account that you want to reset your password.

4. Set your BIOS back to boot with hard drive instead of CD-Rom.

5. Restart your computer and login with your new password.

That's it; do you think it is simple enough? This is the easiest and fastest way to reset your Windows 7 password. In fact, this method works for other Windows OS as well such as Windows vista, Windows xp and Windows 2000.

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I Forgot My Windows XP Password, Now What?

So you have forgotten your Windows XP password, and you just cannot remember it; big deal! It really is not that big of a deal; in fact, forgetting the Windows XP password is a common problem for many PC users today. There have been many computer users in the past who had to deal with the same problem and were able to logon; so, do not worry!

Here is some encouragement: Realize it has happened, and forgetting the Windows XP login information will likely happen again. Here is a few suggestions for what you and other PC users can do in case of password loss:

(1) If the computer is on a LAN, have the network administrator reset the password; if the PC is not on a LAN, but is a standalone, try
(2) and use a bootable CD/Floppy for system recovery and/ or to reset the password. If a bootable CD/Floppy is available then run nt_pass; if it is not, there are other options for a PC user to try.

Other options for PC users to recover forgotten Windows XP passwords include:

(1) creating a Password Recovery CD or Password Reset Disk,
(2) download a Login Recovery Utility,
(3) get a paid Password Resetter Software,
(4) obtain Password Cracking Tools or Password Recovery Tools or,
(5) purchase a Password Removal Program.

By following one or more of the layed out suggestions and/or options listed, PC users will not need to format or re-install Windows XP; therefore, it will save valuable user and computing time. So, the next time, you forget the Windows XP password, it will not be a big deal, right?

It is not good to have a password that is too difficult to remember; nor, is it a good idea for a PC user to begin writing down a password, or have a password that can easy be identified, stolen and then used by someone else. There is, however, a way to not forget login info and that is by coming up with one that can easily be remembered by the user. The idea is to have a password that uses a mix of the user's favorite keyboard letters, numbers, and/or special characters; plus, making use of the Caps Lock key as well (to input upper and small case letters). Any combination, in any order is sufficient for a Windows XP password! It may worth a try next time.

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Reset Password - Windows 7

If you're using Windows 7 and have found that it's unable to log you in due to you forgetting your login password, you'll be pleased to hear there's actually a way to fix this problem for good. There is a password reset program which is compatible with Windows 7, and is able to find and reset the password for you on this system. This tutorial will show you how this tool works and whether it's going to help you or not.

The way to reset your password on Windows is to use what's known as a "boot loader" to change the password file inside your PC. A "boot loader" is simply a piece of software that loads at the boot of your PC, and runs without the need of Windows. These type of programs are not well known but are very common. Boot loaders work on the command-line and such examples of them include having multiple operating systems on your PC and loading Windows in safe mode.

A boot loader can reset the password on Windows because it can get to the files where Windows keeps the password information and then change the details for you.The way which all versions of Windows store the passwords for your user profiles is to save them in a series of files and settings inside your system. These settings are not normally accessible inside the Windows system, but can be changed by outsider software which loads up before Windows and changes the password files on your PC.

Currently, the best software to change / reset Windows 7 passwords is to use a program called "Password Resetter". This is a new tool that's becoming extremely popular because of how easy to use it is. This program is a 3-step system which basically burns a CD with a special "boot loader" program that loads before Windows does. This boot loader then scans through your PC and resets the password for your system, basically making it so that your user profile does not have a password any more. The program works in a few minutes and will restart your PC, which should load up automatically due to the lack of any password for your account.

This process of changing the various Windows password files is a very reliable and effective way to change and reset the Windows 7 password. You can use this software easily and is available for instant download.

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Windows Password Reset - How to "Hack" Your PC's Password and Regain Access Without Losing Data

Windows is a great operating system with a huge number of security features - including user accounts & passwords. The password system has been a security feature for 1,000's of years, but unfortunately for us - if we forget it on our Windows computers, there are precious few ways to get back into your PC without it. This tutorial is going to show you a simple and effective method that will allow you to "hack" the password of your PC by using a specially created piece of software. Here's what you need to do...

The password of Windows is the first barrier to stop intruders accessing your PC, but if you forge the password, you could be in a lot of trouble. There are currently only two ways to fix the problem of not knowing password on your system - by either reinstalling Windows or by using a password reset tool to "hack" the password. Let us begin by saying that the first method (reinstalling Windows) is actually the most difficult and it will wipe all your data. If you don't mind starting over, then you should look to reinstall Windows & allow your PC to run with a fresh version of the system... but if you don't want to lose any of your data, you should look at using a password reset program to repair the problem.

In order to reset your Windows password without losing any of your data, it's advisable that you use a software tool known as a "password reset" program. These are relatively new tools which have been designed to locate the stored password settings on your PC and remove the stored details from there. These programs work very well because of the way they are designed to go through the stored password settings of your PC and remove any of the data inside there. We are actually quite fortunate in that all versions of Windows store passwords in the same way - they keep them in a set of identical files & settings on your hard drive, which are then used to "compare" against the password you type in. The reason you are denied access is because these stored password settings do not match up with the one you typed in - meaning that if you can somehow remove the stored settings, you'll be able to log into your system again.

The way to "hack" your stored password and allow your PC to log you in again is to use a password reset program. These are software tools that have been designed to scan through the hard drive of your system and remove the various stored password settings that are on your system. These tools are very safe to use, and will basically load up before Windows does and then reset the password settings on your hard drive. It will then restart your PC, where you should be able to log back in again. These tools are now becoming very popular thanks to their ease of use & reliability.

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Windows Password Reset - How to Reset the Password of Your PC If You Have Forgotten Your Login Info

If you've forgotten the password to Windows, the bad news is that there are not many ways that you can gain access to your system without it. The problem is that because the password of your system is the first line of defense against unwanted eyes, if you forget the password, there is no "forgotten password" function you can use to get it back, or any inbuilt support to ensure you can regain access. The bottom line is that if you have forgotten the administrator password to your computer, there is only 1 real way to fix it - by "resetting" it.

Resetting the Windows password has only started to become popular because of the way a few online tools have made the process extremely simple. The way in which "resetting" works is to harmlessly remove the stored password from your system, making Windows think that you don't have a password at all, allowing you to log in. The good news is that if you have been locked out of a Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7 computer, then you can use a "resetter" tool to regain access to your system.

The way to reset the password of your PC is actually very easy. The fact is that all Windows systems store their passwords in the same way - in a set of identical files & settings on your hard drive. Normally, these files are strictly off limits from inside the Windows system, but if you are able to use a program that gains access to them outside of Windows, you can actually remove / change the password settings stored on the files, allowing your computer to log you back in without causing any damage or loss of data to your system.

Fortunately, there's now a series of programs that have become quite popular online, which will automatically reset the password of your PC for you. These programs work by loading up before Windows does, and then changing the various files & settings which contain your passwords. They are known as "DOS" programs, because they essentially load up before the Windows GUI (graphical user interface) loads, change the files which contain your passwords, and then allow you to log in again. If this sounds complicated, don't be alarmed - the most popular "resetter" program has been designed to be a "3 step" system, meaning that you can install it on a PC you have access to, let it burn a bootable CD and then it will automatically reset your password. You can download this tool from the Internet, and it works on all versions of Windows.

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